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Etsy’s Listing Photo Limit Increased to 10: How to Take Advantage

SynCommerce Blog: Etsy’s Listing Photo Limit Increased to 10: How to Take Advantage

For the multichannel retailing enabler that SynCommerce is, one of the most nagging issues our merchants complained of when publishing their products to Etsy was the 5 photos limit Etsy placed on each individual listing. This is because most of the channels merchants were migrating their products from allowed for more than 5 photos. For […]

SynCommerce introduces listing to eBay with calculated shipping

SynCommerce Blog: SynCommerce Introduce eBay Calculated shipping

The dilemma of knowing what to charge as shipping cost for your items has never been an easy one for online merchants. Online sellers are constantly faced with very important questions surrounding this phenomenon – am I charging my buyers too much for shipping, or maybe too little, should I offer free shipping, should I […]

SynCommerce Introduces Synchronization Preferences, and other Updates

SynCommerce Blog: SynCommerce Introduces syncing Preferences

The last few months have been really exciting for us as we plan our move out of Beta. We worked on multiple product updates over this period and we have summarized them below:   1) Synchronization Preferences By popular request, we have developed this feature which allows you decide if you want to set synchronization […]

SynCommerce Integrates with Amazon US

SynCommerce Integrates with Amazon US

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of our integration with Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, if not the biggest. Recent industry figures have shown that Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States with over 107 billion US dollars net sales in 2015. […]

SynCommerce Integrates with Shipping Easy, and EasyShip Widget

SynCommerce integrates with ShippingEasy

We are excited to announce our integration with ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy is one of the leading brands in shipping bringing quality service delivery to thousands of merchants in the United States shipping within the U.S. and to the rest of the world. With their incredibly expedient prices, offering the best rates on USPS up to 46% […]

Boosting Online Sales 101 – Don’t Just Sell Products, Sell Stories

Sell more with stories

Every online seller wants to make more sales. There’s absolutely no denying that fact.The reason why it makes perfect sense then that we start off our ecommerce tips series with the best practices that can help boost our online sales as merchants. The idea of boosting your sales is a combination of many different factors. […]

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