Boosting Online Sales 101 – Don’t Just Sell Products, Sell Stories

Every online seller wants to make more sales. There’s absolutely no denying that fact.The reason why it makes perfect sense then that we start off our ecommerce tips series with the best practices that can help boost our online sales as merchants. The idea of boosting your sales is a combination of many different factors. You cannot rely solely on one strategy as the set-in-stone way of increasing your conversion rate and boosting sales. You will have to test many different strategies and see which ones work best for you. As many as they can be, tackling strategies in one blog post will be too much to consume and implement or test. So please stay tuned, as we bring to you periodic tips that, if done correctly can contribute to boosting your online sales significantly.

Boosting Online Sales 101
Tell the story of your products to create a deeper connection.

Beyond just selling, you want the customer to think of you first whenever he/she wants to buy similar products online. You incur so much cost and go through so much pain to acquire and convert a buyer, it is likely to cost you far less to support a paying client than it would cost to acquire a new one or pursue a potential buyer – focusing on what will help you retain your buyers will do you a lot of good and one way to do that is to tell exciting and compelling stories about your product that will appeal to the kind of buyers you want to attract. Stories sell.

A research conducted by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn in what they called Significant Objects showed that stories can increase your online sales by over 2700%. People want to know the stories of the makers of the products they are buying, the stories of the people selling it, the stories of people who have bought it before, stories of how what they buying have been and can be used – finding ways to tell these stories will go a long way to create a stronger connection with your customers on the emotional level and not just get them to convert, but get them to keep coming back whenever they need your product.  A great way to augment this is to be intentional with every single piece of element on your website aiding the story you want to tell – all the videos, all the images, the testimonials from customers, customer’s ratings, the product variations you offer, etc are all tools you can effectively use to tell your own story to boost your sales.

Ankit Oberoi, the co-founder of AdPushup was spot on when  he wrote in the science of storytelling that “If your website isn’t converting, it’s likely the story you’re telling your customer’s journey through the marketing funnel isn’t resonating on some emotional level”.