Last Minute Tips: Making The Most Out Of The Christmas Season

Greetings from SynCommerce! It is that time of the year again! The Christmas holiday season is just around the corner and we are here with some handy tips to help you make the most of it. If you are in a highly competitive market, how do you go about getting your e-commerce store ready for the big sale especially if you have not made any preparations.  E-commerce sales usually surge during this season as most customers prefer the quietness of sitting at home and shopping compared to the hassles of finding a store full of people. Here are a few useful tips to help you maximize the surge in sales during the Christmas holiday season.

  1. Review previous data: This is the most important step for a successful holiday campaign. Review what went well and what did not go so well during the same time last year. If you can optimize your previous data, then this year’s sales can be boosted. For e.g., if your social media marketing performed well last year, then it will be good to focus more efforts on social media marketing this year as well. Likewise, also figure out what did not go well and look at the likely reasons why that was the case and optimize accordingly.

    The best way to answer most of your questions is to look at the raw data. As an e-commerce store owner, you should absolutely be collecting and reviewing analytics data about your store’s performance. Having good, detailed analytics will help you decide on what sort of promotions to offer this year, what were your best-selling products and how much stock to order. With free tools like Google Analytics, everyone can leverage data from site visitors to increase sales and revenue. Visit this link for help on getting started with Google Analytics. We also recommend Mixpanel or Kissmetrics for analytics. These platforms are not free. However, Mixpanel does have a free limited plan that works for many clients.  


  1. Decorate your online store: Getting your site ready with some good festive design will help shoppers with the right mood to spend. To appeal to your customers, it will be helpful to change your site background theme with Christmas related colors and designs. Also, design and decorate your homepage banners and your festive offers with festive motifs. Although you may need to hire a professional graphics designer, decorating your online store including adding a festive greeting and some pleasing graphics will definitely motivate customers to spend more.
  2. Create a gift guide: The holiday season is all about purchasing and giving gifts. But how do we know what to give our loved ones. It will be incredibly helpful to create a gift guide that will help your customer make the choice. The gift guide can take the form of a blogpost, or magazine-like articles. For more inspiration on creating such guides, look at the way Amazon does it.

  3. Add live chat: Holiday shoppers have a lot of choices and as an ecommerce store owner you need to stand out especially in areas of customer service. Live chats can help improve responsiveness to a customer and can help remove the blockades in the sales funnel. It will thereby significantly boost conversion rates. Remember you do not need to have live chats all year through. It will suffice to have them only during the holiday season when there is increased traffic. One tool that can help you easily but effectively achieve this is Jivochat. Never miss a potential buyer with Jivochat. We’ve been using it, and our clients have been witnesses to the highest echelons of support it has helped us provide them.

    Live chat gives potential buyers direct access to you before purchase


  4. Site performance: Make sure your website can handle the increased load during the holiday season. Test the speed and responsiveness at different locations and on different devices. A lot of users are shop on mobile and it is critical to cater to mobile surfers. Make sure you are mobile-optimized and ensure the mobile surfers have a pleasant experience.
  5. Add a gift wrap option: If you usually do not have a gift-wrap option, consider including it this time during the holiday season. Also consider giving the option of including a personalized note. A personal note from the sender will make the experience a lot more valuable to the receiver and your users will love you for this.

Wish you a great holiday season from all of us here at SynCommerce! If you need any further assistance to help make your job easier during the holiday season, feel free to contact our customer support team. We will be more than happy to be of assistance. Keep SynCing! 🙂