SynCommerce Integrates with Shipping Easy, and EasyShip Widget

We are excited to announce our integration with ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy is one of the leading brands in shipping, bringing quality service delivery to thousands of merchants in the United States shipping within the U.S. and to the rest of the world. With their incredibly expedient prices, offering the best rates on USPS up to 46% discount, merchants find the best solution for their shipping needs.


While SynCommerce enables merchants to connect all their online stores to manage inventory and track orders from one master dashboard, the question our merchants kept asking was how best they can fulfil and ship those orders. Hence the integration with the one service that delivers affordable and quality service, ShippingEasy.


With our integration with Shipping Easy, merchants automatically have their orders pushed to their ShippingEasy account the moment a sale is made on any of their connected channels. Merchants can then customize and print shipping labels, packing slips, and picking slips from their Shipping Easy account. Upon shipment of the orders, the tracking information and other shipping details are captured into the system resulting in an automatic update on the various stores.


Merchants can easily create a free ShippingEasy account directly from their SynCommerce account or simply connect to their existing ShippingEasy account.  


Also Introducing EasyShip Widget

EasyShip, a ShippingEasy widget that works independently of the ShippingEasy app enables merchants to purchase and print shipping labels directly from their SynCommerce account. With just a click of a button, the system pulls all the details of an order required for shipment including address details and weight of items ordered and makes it ready for shipping labels to be printed. Merchants can then go ahead and print their shipping label with a lot of ease. To use this widget, go to your orders page and click to view details of an order. Then click on the “Purchase Label” button (Note that you must have a US address added to your SynCommerce profile before the “Purchase Label” button will be enabled). Start purchasing your shipping labels right from your SynCommerce dashboard. Find out more on how it works.


Together with Shipping Easy, SynCommerce continues to inch closer to the goal of making multichannel online retail easy and fun, by automating sales processes so merchants can focus on the real business and make more money.