SynCommerce introduces listing to eBay with calculated shipping

The dilemma of knowing what to charge as shipping cost for your items has never been an easy one for online merchants. Online sellers are constantly faced with very important questions surrounding this phenomenon – am I charging my buyers too much for shipping, or maybe too little, should I offer free shipping, should I offer my shipping based on the value of the order or even the weight of the item and the delivery location – these are some of the hard-pressed questions merchants ask themselves when thinking about shipping. For many online sellers, the idea of using calculated shipping to come up with their shipping costs serves them best solving this dilemma. They are able to satisfy their buyers, remain competitive, and as well retain good margins on the items they sell.

eBay’s calculated shipping option is thus presents merchants with a lot of value, and we are happy to announce the release of our feature which allows merchants to create listings from SynCommerce with calculated shipping. With this release, merchants can now set up their listings to offer both flat rate shipping, and calculate shipping. For instance, you can set up your listing to use a flat rate shipping if the item is to be delivered to anywhere in the US, but to use calculated shipping if it’s to be delivered internationally.

To setup your listings to use calculated shipping in SynCommerce, simply choose the “Calculated” option for the shipping type. You will be asked to provide certain required information such as the shipping service to use, the shipping package, handling cost, etc.

Multiple shipping options
You are allowed to add multiple shipping options by adding different shipping services. This allows buyers to select any of the added shipping service when purchasing your item, and the shipping cost is automatically calculated based on that. Read this guide for more details on creating a listing with calculated shipping from SynCommerce.

Why is this important?
The dilemma is, you stand to lose a lot of money if you charge too less a shipping cost, but at the same time, charging too much shipping cost (especially more than the shipping charge itself) will cause you a lot of money and hurt your business.

We are hopeful this release will help take some of the burden of determining shipping costs off of you, and continue to streamline the publishing listings to eBay from SynCommerce.