SynCommerce Introduces Synchronization Preferences, and other Updates

The last few months have been really exciting for us as we plan our move out of Beta. We worked on multiple product updates over this period and we have summarized them below:

1) Synchronization Preferences
By popular request, we have developed this feature which allows you decide if you want to set synchronization preferences for parameters such as price, quantity, title and description. For instance, if you would not prefer to have one of these parameters in sync for a connected store, you can turn off synchronization for the specific store. Hence the same product listed on store A and B can have different titles, descriptions, prices or quantities.

Also, we have added additional synchronization properties such as tags, collections/sections, shipping weight, materials and MPN which can be set and synchronized across connected stores. Products imported from one store with this information will also be sent to and synchronized with other stores when listings are created for them.


2) Order Fulfillment
We have expanded the options for order fulfillment. Apart from sending your orders to Shipping Easy for fulfillment and shipment, you can also choose to send them to your connected Shopify store for the same purpose. This creates ease and convenience with order fulfillment and shipping.

3) Creating Listing Presets
Use listing profiles to simplify the listing process. You can now save common listing information as a preset so it can be easily applied to future listings. To create listing profiles, select the option Bulk Build to display the listing form. Click  “Apply & Create preset” after filling the form to create a listing preset.

4) Auto-Syncing of Product updates from eBay
Just like Shopify, changes made to products on your eBay store are now automatically synchronized with SynCommerce and other channels that the product is listed on. Before this update, merchants had to manually import products from eBay for product updates to synchronize. Now this is no longer the case. Once you update a product on eBay or receive an order, the system automatically fetches that product update or order and synchronizes it.

It has been awesome working on these features in the last few months. We hope they serve you well and add to the convenience and reliability we work tirelessly to bring you; our cherished clients. We are still working on our major update, sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied with our dedication and efficiency; The Amazon integration will be released sooner than you imagine.

We would love to hear from you. Please send us  any feedback on our product
 here. Rest assured, your online retail success is our primary motive. Happy SynCing!